Reti Gritti

The company Reti Gritti S.p.a. operates as a leader for over 70 years in the bedding market producing and selling bed bases, bunk beds, metal beds, folding beds, spring and foam mattresses, swings, tables and chairs.
Reti Gritti S.p.a. covers an area of 44000 m², 23000 m² used as a warehouse; it has facilities and equipment of the best and most recent technology, which enable it to obtain products of high and constant quality.  
In the last decades, it has chosen to work with the organized large retail scale, especially in Europe.
The experience in this field has helped the company to become a partner able to study and submit articles and solutions according to the specific needs of the most demanding customers.
Reti Gritti’s articles are produced for home furnishings, hotels, housing construction sites and to support emergencies.
The company, thanks to its organization, is able to produce big batches of beds and mattresses in short time (4.000/5.000 beds per day).
The company puts special attention to the innovation of the product with the aim to reduce the volumes and to study the palletizing of all the items to facilitate the handling, the loading, the transport, the unloading and the storage from the end of the production till the consumer.
At the same time, this reduction of volumes allow to optimize the transports and to reduce the emission of CO2 in the air, too.
The company, thanks to the multiple and flexible production lines and to the big warehouse’s capacity, is able to plan and produce batches of several articles, also for big quantities in a short time, and it is able to deliver in the agreed delivery dates without forgetting the quality of the products, an fundamental characteristic.  
The Reti Gritti’s team is composed of about 100 people, specialized in production, marketing, distribution, finance, research and development. 
All the raw materials used are safe and not polluting, and every production process is studied to reduce the environmental impact. 
Reti Gritti’s products are tested and certified by external recognized inspection authorities and internal technicians carry out regular tests on materials and products to ensure the quality.  


Reti Gritti Spa