The REVEAL Mattress Recommendation System is easy to use and gives new or expert sales staff the tools to sell your best mattresses.  Our advanced pressure mapping tailor-fits your customer to the right mattress giving them a consistent experience and the confidence to purchase.

Create a Sleep Profile
In 3 quick steps, and less than 5 minutes, you can give your customer a personalized, unbiased mattress recommendation. Customers see what they feel and the pressure points are easily identified.
This allows you to explain how the right mattress will reduce customers’ pressure points to ensure comfort and support.

Measure Sleep Needs
The pressure map that's unique to each customer shows their needs, the level of comfort and support that’s required for each. The advanced option let's you show pressure points of pillows and adjustable bed bases.
Show individual results or a recommendation in couple mode. REVEAL takes all the guessing out of mattress shopping, to build the confidence and trust of the customer.

Discover the Perfect Mattress
The body map and mattress recommendations are more clear with the new REVEAL 3.0 software. The mattress categories are easy to explain and show how individual needs are linked to mattress recommendations. Now your customer confident that you have found the most comfortable mattress for their body - lead them to the floor to test their recommended mattresses!


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