Blum is an Austrian family company that has been manufacturing furniture fittings since 1952. Our hinge, sliding and lift door systems are used by many furniture manufacturers worldwide due to their high quality, reliability and constant innovation. At Blum, innovation is the key and we develop new solutions to give you one step ahead and to bring even more comfort to the end user.


14 avenue du Trélod
74150 Rumilly


Living room / Dining room


SPACE STEP is the new and unique step solution that can be integrated into the plinth of furniture. The SPACE STEP makes it easier to implement tall furniture, and therefore to make optimal use of the little storage space available. The SPACE STEP improves access to the higher storage levels. A pull-out can be implemented underneath the step, and therefore to create additional storage space inside the plinth . Ergonomics and accessibility are clearly improved and the available space is perfectly optimized!
Blum developed the SPACE STEP in order to address the ever-increasing need for more storage space in smaller living spaces. This is also a unique solution that can be implemented in any living area and in different sizes of room, bringing a range of benefits for the user.

SERVO-DRIVE uno A plus for waste bin pull-outs

SERVO-DRIVE uno is the ideal solution to open a drawer with a simple pressure of the foot, knee or hip. Perfect for opening the bin drawer, for example, when hands are full!
SERVO-DRIVE uno can be installed in a flash. Differentiation and comfort guaranteed! And always with the Blum quality.